Monday, 2 February 2009

What is Sigil Magic?

Sigils play a very important part in chaos magic.  Sigils can be thought of as ways of creating a spell which will program your mind to achieve the desired effect by suppressing the desire in your subconscious mind.  Any Buddhist will tell you that desire is the cause of suffering and any Freudian will tell you that suppressed desires will find ways of manifesting themselves!  I can't go into the exact details of how Sigils work by these psychological models, because there are many magical authors who have written very good books about this, and it will take many pages to explain these details.  The interested reader is directed to my reading list, and also to search for information on Austin Osman Spare who developed modern sigil magic and many ideas used in chaos magic.

A sigil may be a picture, a mantra to be intoned, or a picture made from words.  The idea is always to take a desire, put it into a picture or a word, then disguise it to sneak it past your conscious mind and embed it deep into your subconscious, to manifest it in reality (what exactly reality is, is a matter to be discussed elsewhere).

After being created, the sigil is then charged (or more accurately, loaded into your subconscious mind the way you load a program into a computer's memory), normally during a ritual that may or may not have all the usual pomp and ceremony (candles, incense, banishing rituals).  Sigils can be charged by many different methods such as breath control, sensory deprivation, yoga and sex.  Always the aim is to create an altered state (called "gnosis").

Please see the reading list and links for more info.

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